“The hate u give”, my first impression

We have started to read a new book in English. The book looks at police violence, especially against afro-Americans, through the eyes of a teenage girl named Starr. Her life suddenly becomes more complicated as her best friend Khalil is shot and killed by a police officer. I find the book very interesting because I believe this is a highly important issue which is necessary to bring to debate as it, unfortunately, still happens several places. Additionally, the book is quite easy to read which makes me motivated to continue reading.

In the beginning of the book, Starr and Khalil are driving from a party. They get pulled up by an officer. The police officer says:

“Okay, smart mouth, let’s see what we find on you today”

I believe the problem with police violence begins with communication, as this quote is an example of. When the police officer is talking to Khalil like he is above him, Khalil feels disrespected and does not want to cooperate. He, therefore, refuses to obey the officer’s command, which results in a gutshot. The book continues to debate this topic, and I am excited to read more.



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